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What worth is a dead man?
Cold-hearted, money-crazed, and emotionally dysfunctional. Those are words to describe Aaron Smith. From his business of digging up others’ lands, to his inability to sympathize with those in need, whether young and old, Aaron realizes there’s something missing from his life; his days feel all the same. He doesn’t see what’s so special about the sunset. Nor about family. He avoids his father, his brother, and the thought of his mother had left him years ago.
And so, when Aaron Smith was driving on a night as frozen as himself, he lost control of the wheel,
and he died.
The only difference between his existence and his death were his heartbeat. The cold, glooming presence of his soul’s death had stuck with him since he had gotten into this business —
— but now, he had to get out.
Avery. A reckless spirit sent on a redeeming job. Her mission is to guide Aaron to picking up the pieces of his soul once again in a journey.
“A journey of redemption.” she tells her mission. “You’re getting a second chance, Smith.”
Aaron’s world pauses.
A second chance.
Will Aaron accept this challenge? How will Aaron pick up the pieces of his soul? How will he handle the mission’s many obstacles to come?
Open the first pages of Journey of a Lost Soul to join this trip self-discovery with a spirit and a broken man, written and edited by the talented students of Millburn High School’s Novel Writing Club.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
8 June
Aashita Pandey

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