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The story of Kein (Kīn) continues in the 10th installment of this novella series. Enjoy this story as Kein continues through a difficult situation. Will Kein receive the one and only thing she came into the Mortem for? Will she finally be devoured?

Kein's heartbreaking and yet joyous journey continues as the results of Basement Level are dished out as cold as they can be. Alone, she must deal with the repercussions of the Judicium and a past she only wanted to forget. No one has won the Mortem and now Kein is one. She has no chance of surviving unless she can find some allies in the sadistic game. Her journey started in Monster of Monsters #1 Part One: Mortem's Opening and moves forward at an unrelenting pace.

Light and darkness...

All Kein wanted was to be devoured. As an orphan, she had been told since joining her school that it was very important that a house or clan devour her so when she met a creature promising to devour her, she was confused at first but then she was consoled that someone wanted her.

A world of monsters and vampires and a world of humans...

Loneliness can be a very strong emotion but it can also be a very strong motivator so even when a creature of the darkness invited her to come to her, innocence heeded the call. Kein began an adventure of heartache and joy as she walked the paths of shadow and light. She would discover what it was to be devoured as a dangerous game drew her into a deadly realm of wishes, revenge, hope, desire, love, and terror.

Fiction & Literature
31 July
Kristie Lynn Higgins

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