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The past decade has witnessed significant progress in the diagnosis and treatment of nasopharyngeal cancer. Radiation therapy, used with curative intent, has undergone important technological advances, and combined chemotherapy and radiation has also become an established option. As a result, outcomes among patients with localized disease have improved markedly, with higher overall survival, better locoregional disease control, less treatment-induced toxicity, and better quality of life. However, most of the developments that have taken place are complex, and often not fully understood by physicians in general oncology practice without specialization in the treatment of head and neck cancer.

Against this background, Nasopharyngeal Cancer - Multidisciplinary Management aims to provide a comprehensive account of the current state of knowledge of nasopharyngeal cancer and its multidisciplinary management. The first ten chapters contain essential information on subjects such as epidemiology, pathogenesis, molecular biology, pathology, and the use of imaging in diagnosis and staging. Subsequent chapters examine in depth the various treatment options and explain combinations in a range of settings. Detailed attention is given to the roles of concurrent, adjuvant, and neoadjuvant chemotherapy and advanced radiotherapy techniques. Further chapters then explore surgical options, follow-up, treatment of metastatic disease, treatment-related and complications and nasopharyngeal cancer in children. This is an important book that meets an urgent need and will prove essential reading for the oncology community worldwide.

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