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He saved an omega's life...only to lose his heart.

Firefighter and alpha wolf Darren Drake charges into a burning building only to discover the man he's rescuing is an omega shifter...and his mate. Alex Carson is a photographer and an omega wolf with the most stunning blue eyes and gentle spirit that Darren has ever encountered. Since Darren is an alpha, bringing the now-homeless omega into his house is the only honorable thing to do. Besides, he isn't letting his mate out of his sight, because he intends to win Alex's love and loyalty, no matter what. But after a single, blazing-hot night of passion, Darren wakes to discover that his mate has vanished, leaving only a note behind...

Alex lives a footloose existence, traveling the world, taking stunning photos, and never staying in one place for long. But when the fire that nearly takes his life also destroys his laptop and his cameras, he's left in a desperate situation. That's when Darren, the sexy, alpha firefighter built like a demigod, comes through for him again, letting him stay in his home until Alex can get back on his feet. Alex knows how badly he aches for Darren, but the big firefighter doesn't understand Alex's rootless existence. Even though the alpha seems to command Alex's heart, he isn't ready to be tied down forever. But after Alex shows up pregnant on Darren's doorstep, is there any hope for rekindling their thwarted love when an alpha and an omega want very different things? 

Reader note: contains M/M Mpreg, wolf shifters, hot romance elements, and male male love

January 11
Etopia Press

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