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At every stage of human history, there have been a few human beings lucky enough to stumble into the Universal Truth and live itprophets, saints, Zen masters, Sufi masters, and a few of their disciples. They all kept it secret among themselves, for the rest of the people were not yet ready to hear about it.

Now it seems like there is a much wider spiritual awakening around the world. This is good news. However, this threatens the human ego that needs to keep individual selves separated from each other, from everything else, and from their One Source for its survival. So humanity, under the leadership of the ego, takes a more unconscious posture, evidenced by the rising fear of everything and everybody. Hence the wars, natural and manmade disasters, myriad illnesses and death to fear and protect from. All this generates shared human suffering, which serves as a catalyst to accelerate the awakening.

The coming of this book is no more than another evidence of the Universal Awakening. Every poem in this book, as well as every conversation point to one thing and one thing only: the ONENESS of everybody and everything, may they already be manifested in the universe or not.

The Word

The universe is an expanding ball,

An infinite sphere, they say.

Cant tell where the center is, though,

Or it expands where.

If this ball is infinite,

Does it make sense, then, to say

That the center is right here

And the ball expands nowhere?

The uni-verse means the one-word,

Says the man himself.

Could it be, then, that the One Center

Is expressing itself?

Health & Well-Being
July 13
Balboa Press