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Should you be on a Paleo Diet? Find out what the research shows.

Table of Contents

Part I: A trip through time
Part II: Paleo diet explained - The return of the caveman

SECTION I - Arguments favoring paleo diet
Argument 1: The genes of old
Argument 2: Paying the price of modernity
Argument 3: Fighting obesity - "They are a lazy people"
Argument 4: Fitter and Healthier body - The case of athletes
SECTION II - Arguments against paleo diet
Argument 1: Did our ancestors really eat paleo?
Argument 2: The evolutionary theory challenged
Argument 3: The solution for all diseases?
Argument 4: The perfect diet or just another fad diet?
Argument 5: The 2011 study - The worst in 20 diets
Conclusion: A 10,000 year old dispute - The tribe leader and the old man

Imagine yourself travelling back in time - far back. When you open your eyes, you are sitting on a small rock, about 10,000 years ago. The paleolithic era of history is almost at its end. Birds are flying around. There are trees and animals everywhere you look. The air is clean and so nice to breathe in. A cool wind is
blowing through your face. Suddenly you feel hungry and you know that it’s time to eat. You call some of your fellow tribe members. Spears are brought out and after some chasing and running you all hunt down a bison. You take out meat from the bison’s body and roast it on fire. Then someone brings in some natural herbs and berries from nearby and thus, a delicious well-balanced meal is served and everyone gets his share. Tired as everyone is after the hunt, everyone sits down to eat.

Read about the pros and cons of the paleo diet that is so popular today.

Health & Well-Being
January 27
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