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You Are About To Learn The Ins And Outs Of Quantum Computing And How It Is Set To Transform The World As We Know It!

If you're here, you most likely know that the world is experiencing a massive paradigm shift through quantum computing…

And you're right!

Ever wondered what a machine that solves classical complex calculus problems with a simple addition could do?

A machine that could predict climate change in seconds, or inform an e-commerce giant about the most cost-effective way to deliver billions of packages during a holiday gift buying rush, discover hundreds of thousands of planets in space per day and certainly one that can perfectly translate languages in real-time for you during a skype chat...?

Life would be awesome, I know, but the real question is:

Are you interested in understanding the ins and outs of this revolutionary technology in just a few steps?

Then keep reading.

The truth is, an overview of the concept of quantum computers is always fascinating, interesting, moving and mind-blowing, BUT many beginners get lost in the details, and as one of them, you've probably found it overwhelming to get your head around the basic principles, or the "bigger picture."

You may have wondered:

What is quantum computing in the first place?

How does a typical quantum computer even look like?

How does it work, and how far is technology in creating these computers?

How exactly would quantum computing revolutionize the world?

Where did quantum mechanics originate?

If these questions sound familiar, then you're just in time for an amazing beginners' book that has all the answers, and one that is geared towards giving you a solid understanding about quantum computing and how this technology will change the world.

Take a look at a bit of what you'll learn:
The basics of quantum computing and quantum mechanics, including what they are and moreWhat the quantum mind and conventional computing refer toHow a quantum computer would look like in realityWhat quantum computers can achieve that ordinary computers can'tWhy it's difficult to make a quantum computerHow quantum computers work, and their applicationThe how, why and when of quantum computersWhat the future of quantum computing looks likeThe corporations that are working on quantum computingA hands-on experience with Google's quantum computerHow quantum computing is for the qubit curious, and an introduction to the new 53 qubit quantum computerWhat you need to know about quantum computers, and what these computers will be useful forWhy this kind of computers will be useful someday..And much more!
But isn't all this too complex? Will I understand the book?

Can I complete the book in a few hours?

Is it possible to explain to someone else- in details- the workings and power of quantum mechanics, and computing after reading this book, without sounding like a fraud?

The answer is YES. This book is easy to understand, yet comprehensive and deep. It's nothing like you've read before. Even if the concept of quantum computing seems too advanced and out there, this book will break everything down for you using simple, straightforward language to ensure you have more than average understanding of quantum computing!

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Computing & Internet
8 January
Steve D. Pountol

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