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A Shadow of Glory: Reading the New Testament after the Holocaust, edited by Tod Linafelt. New York: Routledge, 2002. Pp. 258. $95.95 (hardcover). ISBN 0415937930. $26.95 (paper). ISBN 0415937949. This excellent set of seventeen essays is the companion volume to Strange Fire: Reading the Bible after the Holocaust, also edited by Linafelt, which dealt with interpretation of the Hebrew Bible (New York: New York University Press, 2000). The NT volume is divided into four sections, following an introduction by Linafelt: Part 1: The Holocaust in the History of Interpretation (Pamela Eisenbaum, "The Christian Canon and the Problem of Antisemitism"; Deborah Krause and Timothy K. Beal, "Higher Criticism on Late Texts: Reading Biblical Scholarship after the Holocaust"; Susannah Heschel, "Reading Jesus as a Nazi"; and Mark K. George, "Shoah Consciousness and the Silence of American Christian Biblical Scholarship"); Part 2: Reading as Jews (Steven L. Jacobs, "Blood on Our Heads: A Jewish Response to Saint Matthew"; Richard L. Rubenstein, "The Apostle and the Seed of Abraham"; and Jennifer L. Koosed, "Double Bind: Sacrifice in the Epistle to the Hebrews"); Part 3: Reading as Christians (Walter Brueggemann, "Reading from the Day 'In Between'"; Margie Tolstoy, "Woman as Witness in a Post-Holocaust Perspective"; Lloyd Gaston, "New Testament Theology after the Holocaust: Exegetical Responsibilities and Canonical Possibilities"; Tania Oldenhage, "Reading the Cross at Auschwitz: Holocaust Memories"; and Rolf Rendtorff, "Did Christianity Die at Auschwitz?"); and Part 4: Jews and Gentiles, in the New Testament and Today (John Dominic Crossan, "The Passion after the Holocaust"; Craig C. Hill, "Restoring the Kingdom to Israel: Luke-Acts and Christian Supersessionism"; James D. G. Dunn, "The Jew Paul and His Meaning for Israel"; Luke Timothy Johnson, "Reading after the Holocaust: A New Testament Scholar Responds to Emil Fackenheim"; and Gary A. Phillips, "The Killing Fields of Matthew's Gospel"). Only three of the essays, or versions of them, have been published previously (Heschel, Dunn, Phillips), while several of the authors in this volume also contributed to the earlier collection on the Hebrew Bible (Beal, Brueggemann, Rendtorff, Jacobs, Koosed, Rubenstein, Linafelt, and George).

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