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This bundle contains books 1 – 3 of the Shifter Squad Next Gen series.

Ink Cursed: Raised by a malevolent witch in an isolated cabin in the woods, Alex is being kept prisoner for her own good. A monster is trapped inside her and it desperately wants out. The enchantments that are tattooed on her body keep it contained, for now. As her eighteenth birthday approaches, Alex feels the beast growing stronger. So does the witch. They both know the spells won't be enough to control her inner evil. Her captor plans to ensure the creature will never be free, but the teen finally rebels.

Escaping from captivity, Alex meets a wounded vampire and the girls decide to band together. They head to Denver and run into a team who work for the Shifter Squad. As the truth comes out about her origins, Alex wishes she could control her own life, but the spells are too insidious. Until she can find a way to dispel them, she'll have to stay with the squad. She'll be working with twin werewolves, a werecougar, a wereconstrictor and the extremely sexy new recruit, Jaxon Remington.

Jax seems strangely familiar from the first moment they meet. How can she possibly know him when she's never seen him before? Is it possible he's the mate she's been dreaming about? If so, things are bound to be awkward, since it seems they'll be working closely together.

Invisible Chains: Now an agent of the Shifter Squad, Alex learns more about the evil witch who kidnapped her when she was a baby. It seems Irene Dawson has a vendetta against the older generation of the squad. The witch is using Alex as a tool and she's relentless in her pursuit of revenge.

The younger generation are sent to investigate dangerous creatures that keep cropping up across the US. Alex is constrained by the spells that are tattooed on her body. She feels useless compared to the others. It's frustrating not being able to use all of her abilities, but at least she has a couple of skills the witch can't control. She might not be able to fight, or use weapons to take down her enemies, but she's far from defenseless, thanks to her necromancy.

Alex's attraction to Jax increases as they spend more time together. Agent Remington is torn between his duty to the squad and what his heart wants. They've both had traumatic childhoods and have been damaged by their abusive wardens. If they're fated to be together, they'll overcome all obstacles, but it won't be an easy road to travel.

Risky Bargains: Alex has not only lost the man she'd hoped would be her mate, she's also now stuck with an alpha werewolf. Heath Franko has joined the Shifter Squad and he's determined to seduce her. The rookie has no chance of winning her over, but that won't stop him from trying.

At least Alex isn't the only one who despises the alpha hole. The entire team wants him gone. Crowmon uses his talents as a trickster god to prank Franko. He hopes to drive the arrogant newbie into quitting voluntarily. The alpha is too stubborn to take the hint that he isn't wanted. It'll take something drastic to make him leave the squad.

Needing to know the real reason why Jax left, Alex tracks him down when they're on a mission near his base. She has a hunch that it wasn't his choice to leave the team. She'll have to keep her visit to him a secret from most of the squad. Yas and Emma are the only ones she really trusts. Even they aren't aware of the bond she has with Jaxson Remington.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
15 October
Seize The Night Agency

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