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Showdown at Chaperito is a story of greed, revenge and Murder. Alexander Spivey murders his brother and steals his bag of uncut diamonds. He flees to the west where he runs a ranch and stirs trouble with the Apache Indians. Many heroes rise up to confront Alexander and the town of Chaperito is the location where things catch up with Alexander. The story includes many twists and turns and introduces many characters that the reader will either relate with or totally despise. Alexander is the perfect villain and a man every one can hate Lozen is is an Apache female warrior that becomes an unlikely heroine. Hayden Young is a pony soldier who takes on the role of a spy to get to the bottom of Alexander’s secret. Brothers Juan and Tito come to the aid of their small town of Chaperito. Carol Spivey is Alexander’s adopted sister and chases him across the country to seek her revenge on him. Timothy Keats is one of Alexander’s partners who is betrayed by Alexander. Sid and Billy Culpepper are two brothers who have joined the Spivey ranch crew. There is a point where they have to make a decision to stay loyal to Alexander or help Hayden Young. Chief Victorio and Geronimo wage war on the local ranchers and are tricked into doing Alexander’s dirty work. Victorio is killed in Mexico and Geronimo attacks Chaperito and a standoff is made by the towns’ people. The story ends when Alexander slips into town during the Apache attack and sets up to kill the Apodaca Brothers but is shot at by his step sister Carol who has her chance at final revenge. There is an explosion and the marshal’s office is destroyed. No trace of Alexander is found. The diamonds are found by a young boy and they are reduced to the value of stones in a boy’s game.

Crime & Thrillers
March 17
Michael Young

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