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Abdominal pain. Abdominal bloating. Digestive issues. A constant feeling of discomfort that keeps you from enjoying any meal and skipping out on social events. The idea of wearing a bathing suit got thrown out the window like week-old fast food fries.

It may have started after taking acid-blocking drugs. It may have started after a course of antibiotics. It may have started after some type of intestinal infection. It may have started after a very stressful event or time in your life. How it started no longer matters--now it's all about figuring out what's wrong and beginning the process of healing your gut.

You've seen a long list of doctors, including GI specialists. But, while GI doctors are great for making sure you don't have a tumor, ulcer or blockage, they're not good with figuring out functional problems with the way your gut works. Once you're had every MRI, colonoscopy, endoscopy and lab test you could think of and you still don't have any answers, you begin to think it's all in your head.

But it's NOT in you head and there ARE answers--just not ones that your doctor may be aware of.

SIBO. Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth. This is the elusive diagnosis that can wreak such havoc on your gut and change your life.

While there are no quick answers to SIBO, understanding how diet, exercise and natural supplements play a role in calming the fire in your gut and making it work the way it is supposed to is the first step in recovery.

This book will help you understand the basic way your gut works and what goes wrong with it. It will cover the details of the microbiome, that collection of living organisms in your gut that dictate so much of your health. It will cover how to foster the growth of the bacteria you want and destroy those you don't. It will cover how powerful your dietary choices are and the different diets that have been used to control SIBO.

If you're at a point in your life that you're willing to make the changes your gut needs, this book will be the beginning of making your gut happy again.

Health & Well-Being
July 28
James Bogash, DC

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