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A collection of twelve stories that weave to create this horror novel and lead to a thrilling conclusion in December.

JANUARY: A young woman wakes up and discovers she is not quite herself. After stumbling about her house, she realises she is very hungry…for human flesh. She then spends the night seeking food, dragging her body around a Suffolk town with a group of fellow hunters.

FEBRUARY: Kevin is a want-to-be writer, and seeks to establish the art with the approval of his busy wife. Frantic and pathetic man needs to make this venture work, or what can become of him.

MARCH: Joshua Hartson has had a strange few months. And so too has his usually quiet town. And now he meets a beautiful woman and a being from another World.

APRIL: Stephen wakes from a strange dream. He tell his friend he dreamt he was human; yet he thought he was a swan; but what is he truly? Human or a large bird?

MAY: Sophie and Timothy love to play in the park. When one day some big boys come and bully them, they run away, stumble into some bushes a new world, populated with well-known fictional characters.

JUNE: Sadako has a dark secret- she kills people for no apparent reason. Her father must help her, so he sends his daughter to a psychiatrist. Can the doctor help she needs? Does she even want it?

JULY: As a family await the birthday boy, Nathan, who is late for his own secret party that he knows about, the Johnson family chat, mock, joke and tease each other.

AUGUST: in the heat of august a dog chases his enemy a wily feline, until they meet an ugly Alsatian.

SEPTEMBER: The work in a factory is too much for one young employee. Duke spends time alone in his bedsit.

OCTOBER: the student had finished reading aloud his writing, and the class must critique his work. What will say? Will they like it, will they be harsh? He is extremely worried. Some colourful characters voice their views, but will anyone favour his work?

NOVEMBER: an arrogant actor hates his fellow thespian. The director spoils him, and lets him take days off, while the other actors play silly thespian exercises. Why does Harrold hate him so?

DECEMBER: the year reaches its thrilling climax as Josh Hartson tells us about his year and the month of December. Many characters we have met in this strange year will be there in this most frightful story of all; a mad scientist transforming humans into ever living creatures. Could this for the betterment of mankind? Read the journal of Joshua Hartson to find out the conclusion of this horror novel.

Fiction & Literature
10 August

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