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During Vietnam War (1965-1973), the US Army suffered a severe breakdown in soldier morale and discipline in Vietnam - matters that are not only at the heart of military leadership, but also ones that overlap with the mission of Army psychiatry. The psychosocial strain on deployed soldiers and their leaders in Vietnam, especially during the second half of the war, produced a wide array of individual and group symptoms that thoroughly tested Army psychiatrists and mental health colleagues there. This book seeks to consolidate a history of the military psychiatric experience in Vietnam through assembling and synthesizing extant information from a wide variety of sources documenting the success and failure of Army's psychiatry in responding to the psychiatric and behavioral problems that changed and expanded as the war became protracted and bitterly controversial.

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Chapter 1 - Contexts of the Vietnam War and Army Psychiatry: A Debilitating War Fought a long Way From Home * Chapter 2 - Overview of the Army's Accelerating Psychiatric and Behavioral Challenges: From Halcyon to Heroin * Chapter 3 - Organization of Army Psychiatry, I: Psychiatric Services in the Combat Divisions * Chapter 4 - Organization of Army Psychiatry, II: Hospital-Based Services and the Theater Psychiatric Leadership * Chapter 5 - The Walter Reed Army Institute of Research Survey of Army Psychiatrists Who Served in Vietnam * Chapter 6 - Combat Stress and Its Effects: Combat's Bloodless Casualties * Chapter 7 - Treatment of Combat Reaction Casualties: Providing Humanitarian Care While "Protecting Peace in Southeast Asia" * Chapter 8 - Deployment Stress, Inverted Morale, and Psychiatric Attrition: "We Are the Unwilling, Led by the Unqualified, Doing the Unnecessary, for the Ungrateful" * Chapter 9 - Substance Abuse in the Theatre: The Big Story * Chapter 10 - Preventive Social Psychiatry and Command Consultation: Who Is the Patient—The Soldier or His Military Unit? * Chapter 11 - Operational Frustrations and Ethical Strain for Army Psychiatrists: "Crushing Burdens and Painful Memories" * Chapter 12 - Lessons Learned in Linking the Long, Controversial War to Unsustainable Psychiatric and Behavioral Losses

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