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Professionally converted for accurate flowing-text e-book format reproduction, this unique publication covers a relatively obscure chapter in U.S. Marine Corps history—the activities of Marines in Vietnam between 1954 and 1964. The narrative traces the evolution of those activities from a one-man advisory operation at the conclusion of the French-Indochina War in 1954 to the advisory and combat support activities of some 70.0 Marines at the end of 1964. As the introductory volume for the series this account has an important secondary objective: to establish a geographical, political, and military foundation upon which the subsequent histories can be developed.

The author is a Marine Reservist who was a member of the History and Museums Division from September 1972 until August 1974. Promoted to major soon after his return to inactive duty, he is now working for the Kentucky State Government. A native of Kentucky, he holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Morehead State College (1965) and a Master of Arts degree in American History from the University of Kentucky (1972). Commissioned in 1965, Major Whitlow served as an infantry platoon commander with the 6th Marines, an aerial observer with the 1st Marine Division in Vietnam, and later as a platoon commander at Officer Candidate School, Quantico. For services in the Republic of Vietnam during 1967 and 1968 he was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross and 26 awards of the Air Medal.

Contents: PART I * THE WATERSHED * Chapter 1 * Background to Military Assistance * The Geographic Setting * The People * Vietnam's Recent History * Post-Geneva South Vietnam * The American Response * Chapter 2 * The Formative Years * Military Assistance Advisory Group, Vietnam * Origins of U.S. Marine Assistance * Political Stabilization and Its Effects * Reorganization and Progress * Summing Up Developments * Chapter 3 * Vietnamese Marines and the Communist Insurgency * Origins and Early Stages of Insurgency * Insurgency and the Vietnamese Marine Corps * Ancillary Effects on Marine Pacific Commands * American Decisions at the Close of 1961 * Chapter 4 * An Expanding War, 1962 * The War's New Context * Creation of MACV and Marine Advisory Division * The Vietnamese Marine Corps, 1962 * Some Conclusions * PART II * MARINE HELICOPTERS GO TO WAR * Chapter 5 * SHUFLY at Soc Trang * The Decision * Deployment to Soc Trang * Mekong Delta Combat Support Operations * Preparations and Redeployment * Accomplishments * Chapter 6 * SHUFLY Moves North * Arrival at Da Nang * I Corps Tactical Zone * Military Situation, September 1962 * Initial Helicopter Operations * Marine People-to-People Program * SHUFLY Operations in I Corps * Chapter 7 * The Laotian Crisis, 1962 * Genesis of the Problem * The American Response * The Marine Corps Role * Marine Participation: A Summary * PART III * THE STRUGGLE CONTINUES, 1963 * Chapter 8 * The Marine Advisory Effort * The Political Climate * The Advisory Division and VNMC Operations * Accomplishments * Chapter 9 * SHUFLY Operations * Development of the Compound Continues * Combat Support Operations * The Situation in Vietnam * PART IV * AN EXPANDING GROUND WAR, 1964 * Chapter 10 * Marines Meet the Challenge * New American Decisions * A Restructured Military Assistance Command * Changes in Marine Leadership * Redesignation and Reorganization * The Vietnamese Marine Brigade * Additional Marine Activities * Chapter 11 * Spring and Summer Fighting * The Monsoons * The Weather Breaks * Sure Wind 202 * Operations Elsewhere in I Corps * Changing the Watch * Chapter 12 * Fall and Winter Operations * Dry Weather Fighting * Monsoon and Flood Relief Operations * Changes and Improvements * Action as the Year Ends * Chapter 13 * Prelude to Escalation * NOTES * APPENDICES. * A. USMC and VNMC Senior Officers, 1954-1964 * B. Awards and Decorations, RVN, Through 1964 * C. Glossary of Acronyms * D. Chronology * E. List of Reviewers

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