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Undeniable is a lesbian romance bundle containing three sensual F/F love stories from Nicole Avery.

If you love tales of steamy, passionate love, explosive first-time experiences, and joyful happily-ever-afters, then Undeniable will leave you satisfied.

This F/F romance box set contains the following three books: Undone, Unraveled, and Unmasked.
Amber couldn’t believe it. It was the same old story: All men are jerks.
When she found out her boyfriend was cheating on her, it was *definitely* over.
She never expected to be paid a visit by the woman her boyfriend was cheating on her with.
She never expected the woman to confess that, actually, she done what she had to get closer to Amber.
Amber couldn’t make heads or tails of it. Her head was spinning.
The woman was attractive, she was alluring, and she was forward. When she kissed Amber unexpectedly, Amber’s heart swelled in her chest.
She had never felt this way about a woman before… and of all the women, *her*! She couldn’t deny what she felt, and so she ran with it.
The woman had her completely undone.
Amber thought it would be just one night.
Just one white-hot, mind-blowing night.
She never thought that she was going to fall in love…
Murphy had never suspected that she might be a lesbian.
It had never even crossed her mind.
Not until she meets Gloria, a gorgeous woman with a commanding air about her.
Murphy is instantly struck by Gloria’s beauty. She’s taken with the woman.
For days, she can’t get the woman out of her head.
She thinks about her constantly.
Murphy’s confused, and doesn’t know what to think.
But when she receives an invitation to dinner from Gloria, she accepts it, not knowing what the night will bring.
She never could have guessed it would bring white-hot ecstasy, and physical bliss like she’d never felt.
She never could have guessed that it would be so damn good to be with a woman…
She certainly never could have guessed that she would start to fall in love…
Victoria thought the fling she’d had with another girl was just that: a one-off fling, that it meant nothing.
But it had been an amazing night, and something just wasn’t the same with her boyfriend. She could never replicate it. She was never as into it.
When she starts to have very explicit and steamy dreams about a woman she knows, Lola, she’s sure that she’s been denying herself her true nature all this time.
With a newfound confidence, Victoria decides to try and seduce Lola any way she could.
She never could have suspected that Lola already had her eye on Victoria.
She never could have suspected that Lola would bring her to earth-shaking heights of ecstasy…
She certainly never could have guessed that she would begin to fall in love…
And all while she still had a boyfriend.

September 5
Nicole Avery

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