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Witches, warriors and werewolves -- four couples longing for love battle demons bent on taking over the world.

He Needs to Feed: When he's possessed by a sex demon, Caleb spends each night inside a cage with a security lock, consumed by a need to feed his sexual hunger. He's convinced no one can understand his obsession, but after battling his own demons for years, Devin knows they can be beaten and he refuses to give up his lover without a fight.

Witches and Wolves: Embittered by a bad relationship, Nate has sworn off romance -- until he meets gorgeous werewolf Bruce Johanson. But when Nate's estranged twin brother, Nick shows up, on the run from a demon., Nate has no choice but to go to put aside their differences long enough to fight this evil together. Fortunately Bruce's pack brother Redd is determined to save Nick, no matter what the cost.

Personal Strangers: Nate and Nick are on the verge of a mating ritual that will bind them to their werewolf lovers for life when a demonic curse transports them to a world where no one recognizes them, including their husbands. Now the brothers must combine their magic to save the wolves they love.

Avalanche: Tyler never expected to fall in love, until he meets Chloe and Tyler, two desperate witches battling demons bent on taking over the world. Chloe and Tyler use their sexual energy to empower Torrance -- witch, warrior and werewolf longing for love.

Publisher's Note: Witches and Wolves  contains the previously published novellas He Needs to Feed, Witches and Wolves, Personal Strangers, and Avalanche.

November 17
Changeling Press LLC

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