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In book one of Meridian Warriors: The humans thought they were alone in the galaxy, but they could possibly find out different.  That is, unless Xander and Des, the Meridians, who have claimed the ocean on Earth to live in—have anything to do with it.

These men, along with some of the other Warriors from Meridian, watched from space as their home planet exploded with the remainder of their people still on it.  Leaving no hope of ever completing their Tri-bond, they only had each other to love, leaving the Meridian Men to live solitary lives in their under-the-ocean city.  

Running from their home planet, hundreds of years ago, they found solace on Earth, living under the water and helping the humans as they began to develop the land.  Now they feel the need to make sure their own enemies don’t hurt the humans.

Questions arise when they save a beautiful woman and her friends.  The men are surprised to find the human women possess some Meridian DNA, which raises a whole other set of questions.

Meet these gorgeous Mermen Warriors who tame the heart of their Tri-bond mate.  Follow the harden Warriors in this New Series as they fall in love after living and believing for hundreds of years that they were destined to live the remainder of their very long lives together, with no possibility of ever having the joy of women or children around them.  

They will make you laugh and have your blood boiling all in one.

Warning: Sexually explicit content.  Ménage - M/M/F

Fiction & Literature
6 October
JK Publishing

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