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Alexander “Zander” Clegg is fourteen years old and has not yet mastered the ability to see the consequences of his actions. He’s ambitious and after a summer of making a lot of money doing yard work he comes up with an idea of selling condoms to other students. His booming business leads to an opportunity to make a small killing by hooking some freshman football players up with steroids. He’s very leery of getting involved with the local druggie, but the attention of a beautiful girl sways his decision.
Wanting to keep his hands clean, he sets up the deal so that none of the parties involved ever have their hands on the money or the steroids at the same time. But, something goes terribly wrong. The dealer doesn’t get his money and the players don’t get their steroids. Zander has a fitful time trying to figure out what happened, hang out with Rachael who’s anxious to use one of the condoms he sells, and gets beat up three times in one day in the process. Finally the drug dealer tires of waiting for Zander to get him his money. John’s learned that Zander is deathly allergic to eggs. He kidnaps Zander and threatens him. Unfortunately, John doesn’t realize the extent of Zander’s allergy. After coming in contact with broken egg, Zander starts loosing his ability to breath. John and his cronies become scared and leave him for dead.
Will Zander's older brother, Ging, and Rachael find him in time to save his life? Zander's actions have consequences for more people than just himself.

Young Adult
6 January
Cindy Preston

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