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We've all been terrified by a plethora of books and movies encompassing almost every catastrophe imaginable. These would include natural disasters brought about by atrocious asteroids, extreme earthquakes, ferocious floods, frenzied fires, horrific hurricanes, nuclear nightmares, prodigious pandemics, savage storms, terrifying tsunamis, treacherous tornadoes, and voracious volcanoes.
From the biological realm we’ve been convinced we could be accosted by baleful birds, formidable fungus, insatiable insects, pernicious plants, and savage sharks. We’ve even been asked to stretch our imaginations into the realm of science fiction and the supernatural to be terrorized by abhorrent aliens, dangerous dinosaurs, ghastly ghosts, malicious monsters, vicious vampires, and wicked witches.
But just when we thought we had seen it all, something comes out of left field that shocks our senses and sends a quiver down our spine. Not just because of its originality, but more so, because of its very frightening feasibility. This threat is not from outer space or the farthest reaches of our imagination, it emerges unexpectedly from within our homes, neighborhoods, and cities. In fact the agent of this calamity could be sitting in your lap as you watch television or read this book.
The book chronicles how these small furry felines transitioned from cuddly kibble eating companions to man-eating feral cats hunting in packs. It follows their rapid growth in numbers, expansion throughout the country, and elevation to the top of the food chain. The intensity and magnitude makes many of the catastrophes referenced above pale in comparison.
How this CATaclysmic CATastrophe comes about, grows in magnitude, and is eventually resolved will keep you riveted to this book. Even when this infectious threat has been quelled, it makes us wonder if we have been cured or are we just in remission. It also involves a sinister plot from those who don't have our best interest at heart. Cat owners be warned, this could be injurious to your sound sleep.

Crime & Thrillers
23 June
Terry Eade

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