A Spark: That Ripped Heart Apart

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Publisher Description

The advantage to be taken from this book is that it’s not every day that you meet your soulmate when you first lay your eyes upon them. Sometimes we find love in the most uncertain situations which can cause a lot of trouble and may actually destroy others. It’s not necessarily your intention to go that route but if destined to go in that direction, what’s to stop you? In this book you’ll find out that friends backstab each other, friends turn to foes, jealous mates can’t stand being brushed aside, some kill, some curse and some stand together, all in the name of love! In the end love does conquer all, but that doesn’t mean that all ends with happiness, for sometimes destiny cannot be avoided.

This book teaches you to appreciate life and most importantly the people you love. Go out, do crazy things, live, for you might not have the chance to do so in the afterlife. Love is a very beautiful thing to experience, even though you sometimes have to go through trials and tribulations for it. Take note that life is exquisite when you have someone to share it with.

About the Author

Vuyane Smama is the last born of two sons. Its only he and his brother at home. He is soon to be an actor and is passionate about poetry. Vuyane loves learning about life, love, religion and what lies ahead. His being able to communicate through books is his way of teaching the world about the wonders that lie outside the imagination; you just need to access it.

25 June
Vuyane Smama