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3 Bestselling Books Compiled Into One Edition!

This collection covers all the important exercises and routines that will help you improve your whole body.

You can purchase these three popular books separately but why do that when you can get all three for a competitive price!

The 3 “Fit Expert Series” books in this collection are:

• The Best Butt Exercises for Women

• The Best Breast Exercises

• The Best Core Exercises for Women

This collection provides you with over 250 pages of advice from 19 fitness professionals!

Here is a basic look at each book within this collection:

• The Best Butt Exercises for Women, has a title that pretty much speaks for itself. It is actually the most popular book in the whole series and offers a huge amount of advice, tips, tricks, exercises and much more to help women improve the look of their butt.

There are easy to follow exercises and routines that will help you shape your booty whether you want to tone it down, build it up or just generally keep it looking good in jeans.

• The next book is The Best Breast Exercises which once again has a number of top fitness professionals giving away their secrets to the best ways to shape your breasts.

For women with small breasts you will discover natural ways of making them appear bigger; just through exercising the right moves.

If you have big breasts and want to drop a size or two then you will also find some simple fat burning exercises that will help you achieve that goal.

• Lastly is The Best Core Exercises for Women. If you don’t know this already, a strong core will not only tone and shape your waist but also provide your body with a number of benefits.

You will have better balance and coordination which will greatly improve any regular daily physical activities. Aesthetically you will look fitter and healthier due to your new elevated posture.

A number of techniques are used by the fitness experts to help you work not just the abdominals but the core as a whole and that also includes eating healthily.

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July 23
Andy Charalambous

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