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Libby sat in the hot car and waited for the light to turn green. She looked at her watch and relaxed. There was still plenty of time to make her flight to the Caribbean. Fingers tapping on the steering wheel in time to the music Libby was looking forward to this vacation for a few reasons. First, thanks to the success of her last book this vacation was the first where Libby really could have fun and not have to count pennies to do it. Second, Pete was finally out of her life giving Libby the chance for a fresh new life. No longer did she have to walk the tightrope keeping up the facade that Pete was the crazy one. There were enough problems between the two of them to discuss with the multitude of doctors she'd seen without Libby ever having to divulge the true root of Pete's evil. So no one knew her secret.
One plus two equals a free independent Libby expanding her horizons and giving back to those in need. Over the last two years the projects her foundation took on, created or maintained sixty-eight thousand jobs. The high-paced life was the reason the vacation was needed.
Pete being gone was a bonus. To be able to create and help the world at her own pace without any albatross' weighing her down only sweetened the vacation idea when Sadie mentioned it.
Libby loved the beach and hoped to own her own island someday so the timing of an invite from Marbles McCray, a very eligible bachelor to tour the Caribbean sealed the deal.
The light turned green and Libby checked the traffic before pulling into the intersection. Libby turned the radio up and sang along to the music without a care in the world. She should have looked into the rear view mirror and remembered when things are going this good a sucker punch from the past is ALWAYS just around the corner.

Pete buttoned his pants and looked out the window. The sun was high in the sky and he'd overslept again. His boss at the hotel would be pissed but today Pete's plans would be finished and tonight he would finally stop watching her from a distance and tell Libby what he did for her. Pete could hardly contain his joy thinking about Libby's reaction to all he went through to get back to her. By this time tomorrow they would be sailing away together. Pete smiled just thinking about holding Libby in his arms again.
"What's got you so happy this morning?" Rita asked walking into the bedroom. "You still thinking about last night?"
Pete grabbed Rita and threw her on the bed. He propped up on an elbow beside her. "You know I appreciate you letting me stay here."
"We all need a helping hand now and then. It wasn't your fault you got robbed, if anything its giving us a bad name." Rita rolled over and shoved her ample bosom into Pete's chest. "I feel its my duty to change your opinion of us."
"You do, do you?" Pete rolled onto his back bringing Rita with him. "Well give it your best shot!" he teased. Tonight he would have Libby but this morning he let Rita say her final goodbye to a man she didn't know was leaving.

Fiction & Literature
May 27
Sheila W. Perry

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