Ethereum Blockchain Revolution Explained: Understanding Ethereum Technology For Beginners

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The Ethereum Revolution Is Here!

Looking to educateyourself on the second-highest valued cryptocurrency that's sohot that over one-hundred-fifty mainstream companies are collaborating togetherin a nonprofit just in anticipation of what new advancements will be possible? Maybe you're just looking for some background on this network before investing,or you just want to 'mine' the easiest, quickest, and cheapest way Have no idea what a 'smart contract' is and want to know what allthe excitement is about? Been wondering just what a 'decentralized' networkis? Download this book and you'll learn the reasons for the hype andexcitement and just why Ethereum is considered to be so muchmore than just another new cryptocurrency. And how to fully takeadvantage of each aspect of this network.

Ethereum is stilllargely unknown to the general public that doesn't keep up with cryptocurrencies or the tech industry, and while there is at least a semi-decent amount ofinformation available now, the information is spread out and it stillis not widely-known exactly what all the Ethereum network has to offer. As such, I scoured the available documentation and completed my own research forthe beginner and present it all together in this book, in an easy to understand format and language.

From the history ofthe protocol and Ethereum system and how it was all theorized, developed, andultimately launched, to the steps you'll need to follow to mine for Ether. Ihave 'mined' through it all and lay it out in detail. You'll gain agood understanding of what a block and blockchain are, what exactly smartcontracts are and what they're used for, how smart contracts utilize Ether topower the Ethereum blockchain, and how to sell your Ether for cash ortrade it for other cryptocurrencies.

Thousands, if not millions, of people around the world, wish they had taken thestep to learn more back when Bitcoin was less than $1,000 USD, and while notmany have heard of Ethereum yet, you have the opportunity to join agrowing community. Download this book and see why Fortune 500companies have invested in the Ethereum blockchain technology with more joiningin consistently, strengthening the network and tantalizing the industry withexcited apprehension.

With continued value growth as an investment and the broadening value andacceptance of the Ethereum blockchain technology itself, learning the basicsis a wise move everyone should make at this point. Reading my bookisn't guaranteed to make you rich, or provide you with the solution to yourbusiness needs, but it will provide you with some great insight on Ethereum,what it can do and what you can do with it, how to get started mining for yourfirst Ether, and what Ethereum could mean for cryptocurrencies, and the world.

As long as itstechnology proceeds to be adopted near the recent pace it has seen, Ethereumis certain to continue to see a rise in excitement and value, makingit an investment worthwhile. The time is perfect to learn all you canabout the Ethereum blockchain network.

You Will Learn:
The What'sThe How To'sHow Does It Compare?What Dapps AreCurrently In Ethereum?Recent Ethereum NewsWhat's Ahead forEthereum?
"If the plan doesn't work. Change the plan. But never change the goal"

Computing & Internet
10 September
Christopher Blackburn

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