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If you have ever started and stopped an exercise or weight loss program, then this book is for you.

If you believe that money, time or people have stopped you from losing weight and staying fit, then this book is for you.

If you can relate to the rollercoaster ride most people have with their weight, then this book is for you.

If you think getting a flat belly is an impossible proposition with no solution, then this book is for you.

And Yes, if you have ever burnt your running shoes and can eat a box of donuts without any assistance (natural or supernatural), then this book is for You!

In Getting a Flat Belly Sucks! Discover How to Sustain Motivation for Your Weight Loss and Exercise Plan Even When You Feel Like Burning Your Running Shoes and Eating a Box of Donuts, you will find

- Excellent tips and advice to sustain and increase your motivation for your fitness regime

- The NUMBER ONE change in your mindset that will eliminate the crazy weight fluctuations most people consider normal.

- Common excuses that if tolerated and spoken, will deprive you of the lifestyle you deserve.

- How to identify triggers that can rob you of months and months of hard work and smash them like ceramic plates at a Greek wedding.

- And so much more.

You know you deserve to live a healthy life. What's stopping You? Let me help you climb the ladder to a healthy lifestyle and if you're already on that ladder, I'll cheer and encourage you to greater heights.

Your fitness matters. Take it seriously.

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Health & Well-Being
June 20
Pen-n-a-Pad Publishing

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