How To Ejaculate More & Shoot Further

Increase Semen And Cum Like A Porn Star

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Learn How To Cum More & Shoot Like A Porn Star.

A Sex Columnist And Two Urologists Show You How To Increase Your
Semen & Shoot It Farther.

• You’ll be able to cum up to 3-5 feet further.

• Increase your semen volume up to 50%.

• Impress your sexual partners.

• Add excitement to your sex life.

• Gain more sexual confidence.

• Written by sex columnist with two urologists–advice you can trust!

• Easy to follow, step-by-step guide.

• Short too–only 36 pages. Read it in 30 minutes!

Would Your Partner Rather See You Dribble Or Cum Like A Porn Star?

Consider 2 scenarios:

Scenario #1:

You’re masturbating to orgasm in front of your partner. You’re
breathing hard and whaling away. She can see the heat in your cheeks,
your muscles tightening and the energy building as the moment of
inevitability approaches. You let out a moan and she braces herself for
the money shot and…drip, drip, drip.


Scenario #2:
It’s a few weeks later and you’ve put the insights and techniques in
this book. The moment of inevitability comes, your partner braces
herself for the money shot and SPLAT! BAM! WHOOSH! It’s all over her
stomach, breasts and face (watch the eyes!).


Which of those two scenarios do you think is going to be more memorable
and pleasurable for her? And for you, too. It doesn’t matter who you
are or who you’re with, shooting your ejaculate a few feet is a
spectacular way to end a sex session. It’s like performing your own cum
shot in a porn video.

The Best Reason To Learn How To Shoot More Cum: Confidence!

What you may lack in muscle or penis size you can more than make up for
in a dazzling display of liquid excellence. Most women would take an
erotic penis over a big one and choose an arching ejaculation over
bulging biceps.

Urologists agree that you can learn how to cum more and significantly
increase the force and the distance your ejaculate leaves your body if
you pay attention to a few things. With the help of these urologists
I’m going to give you the ability to cum like a porn star.

Ready To Learn How To Ejaculate More & Cum Farther?

Take A Look At Sample Chapters;

Chapter One: Stop Taking Expensive Supplements And Listening To Shysters.

The only thing supplements can pump out to great distance is the money
out of your wallet. There’s not a single urologist who recommends them,
so stay away.

Chapter Two: Understanding What Creates a Forceful Ejaculation.

Strong pubo-recto muscles, amplifying the sexual turn-on, drinking the
right fluids, using the right hand technique, and building up semen
will make you cum like a grenade launcher.

Chapter Three: Working Out Your “Cum-Throwing” Muscles.

Pelvic floor muscles force semen up and out of your penis by
synchronized contractions. The more forceful the contractions the
harder you’ll shoot. So guess what? You need to train those muscles to
stomp on your reproductive tract like a narc at a biker rally.

Chapter Four: The Bigger The Turn-On The Bigger The Blast-Off.

The more you’re turned on the further you’ll shoot. Here are some
physical and psychological techniques to redline the desire meter.

Chapter Five: Semen. The More You Have the More You’ll Shoot.

More volume means more pressure, which means more launch force. Try these proven tactics for increasing your semen volume.

Chapter Six: The Harder You Get The Further You’ll Go.

The more blood that rushes to your penis the further you’ll cum. This chapter will show you some neat tricks that will get your dick harder than a frozen turkey.

There are more chapters. Order today!

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