IOS 16 User Manual: How To Enjoy Your Brand New Smartphone That Runs IOS 16

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iOS 16 is recently introduced by Apple this June, the operating system is filled with fresh new updates, enhancements and features for both iPhone and iPad users.
A Public Beta version has been made available since July, now we have the arrival of the final version.
The newly announced iOS 16 is an enhanced version of the previously published iOS 15 and built to a better quality level than its predecessor.
With iOS 16 published, we will have a greater picture of what the next features of the next iPhone will be. These include a totally new lock screen that combines widgets, substantial upgrades to the messages app, a photo library for families and much more.

If you're thrilled by this new operating system and would love to have it installed on your iPhone immediately, buy this user guide with everything you need to know and do with the iOS 16. Regardless of how skilled you're with iOS devices, you will have no issue downloading, configuring, setting up, using, debugging, or just enjoying your brand new smartphone that runs iOS 16.

Some of the guide information is as follows:
What iOS 16 is all about
Devices that are compatible with iOS 16
Features offered in iOS 16
Other important features of iOS 16
Downloading and installing iOS 16
Downgrading back to iOS 15 from iOS 16
Upgrading from iOS 16 beta version to the final version
Obtaining the iOS 16 developer
Major differences between iOS 15 and iOS 16
How to customize your iPhone lock screen: widget system etc
iOS 16 new photo editing tool
Emails scheduling on iOS 16
iOS 16 iCloud shared photo album
Unsending and editing text messages on iOS 16
With an additional information on getting more iPhone storage without having to pay.

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16 February
Freddy Hellyer