Save Our Flora and Fauna

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When a wildlife habitat area in Shah Alam was proposed to be converted into a golf course in 1992, it has since become a sanctuary to many species of flora and fauna. Over the past 25 years, this Tropical Oasis has blossomed into a natural habitat for local wildlife and flourished into tropical paradise, reflecting the natural beauty of Malaysia. The combination of mowed turf, trees and natural areas provides a diverse environment for people and wildlife. Preserving these green spaces improves the environmental quality of the entire community.

As golf has become more popular, real estate-based golf resort developments in Malaysia are becoming world-class and many compete in a limited market offering various types of homes, bungalow lots, a clubhouse, and an 18-hole golf course and they sell very well.

So when a developer builds a resort with luxury homes and apartments promising a view of the golf course and markets it with a physical environment offering a resort-like holiday experience with many accommodation types, sporting and leisure activities, and support services, they should keep the promise of the development.

During early 2020, we have been informed that MBSA is planning to rezone the golf course which is a green lung to housing status under the Draft Plan DRT MBSA 2035.

This proposal caught everyone by surprise as it contradicts the vision, mission, sustainable development precepts of local and international living in a green and healthy environment in keeping the green which is not backed by any convincing justification either.

The people of section U9 Shah Alam and surrounding residents are vehemently opposing the rezoning of Monterez “Green Lung” Golf Course for housing development under the new rezoning exercise. Shah Alam City Council (MBSA) has issued a Draft Local Plan MBSA 2035 or DRTMBSA 2035 which outlines plans for land use and development from year 2021 to 2035.

Under the DRTMBSA 2035 proposal, the entire Monterez Golf Course is planned to be rezoned into high density housing development which means the beautiful natural 150 acres of “Green Lung” will be destroyed to suit the interests of uncaring developers looking to line their pockets at the expense of our environment.

In July 2020, we saw the opportunity to make our voice heard when MBSA invited the public to file all suggestions, proposals, objections and feedback for the Shah Alam City Council (MBSA) Local Draft Plan 2035. This platform was created to make it easier for the public to be involved and give MBSA their feedback on the draft plan. As it is all done digitally, it eliminates paperwork and all feedback will be compiled virtually via MBSA system.

Since then we made a campaign on preserving Green Lung. We make petition to MBSA, our local council. We even produce a series of video at our own cost to preserve the Green Lung surrounding us. We managed to gather about 700 petitions with cooperation from all our neighbours in the surrounding areas and are able to present our Position during the Public Hearing that was done on the 24th April 2021.

The remaining few chapters of this book help to connect us with Monterez Eco System, Mother Nature and the implications on us if we do not take care what has been given to us for our future generations.

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13 June