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In any Cinderella story, the damsel must find Prince Charming, but what if the man destined to be yours is not the least bit charming?

Working like a scullery maid in her family’s home is no picnic for Johanna Cavanagh. When her godmother sails into her life to remove her from such hardship, Johanna sees this as a gift from heaven. She’s immediately swept into a new life filled with lessons in how to catch a husband. She assumes her godmother’s quirky behavior of speaking to heavenly spirits can only aid her in this endeavor, but…

When the angels encourage Johanna to find favor with the rude and off-putting Earl of Dunford, Johanna believes her future bleak.

Eli Benton, the Earl of Dunford, nearly drowned in quicksand. Considering it time to reassess his future, he finds himself beset by a pretty guest of his neighbor. Miss Johanna Cavanagh furiously accuses him of allowing his staff to abuse animals, but if that isn’t insulting enough, this same woman returns into his life when his daughter is returned to him, causing Miss Johanna to somehow feel it her duty to make sure he treats his child correctly. Eli finds her meddlesome.

If this is a match made in heaven, why is everyone getting in the way, including Eli and Johanna's own awkward efforts at understanding their newfound relationship? Amidst Eli’s brother possibly being suspected for murder and kidnapping, a sister whose ice princess image must be melted, and a grieving five-year-old, Johanna and Eli keep pursuing love.

The Wallflower’s Godmother is a Regency Historical Romance with spiritual elements.

Fiction & Literature
October 11
LA Hilden

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