Top 6 Incredible Skills Beginner Entrepreneurs Desperately Need

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Would you like to become an online entrepreneur?
Would you like to create and sell digital information products?
Would you like to teach thousands of people and be paid handsomely?

If you’ve answered “YES” to even one of these questions, then this eBook will knock you off your feet.

My name is Vladimir Raykov

During the last two years, I’ve been involved in online entrepreneurship of a very specific kind. When I became such entrepreneur I had no team, almost no money to invest (under $100), full-time job, and very little free time. 

Two years later, I teach over 28000 students from 155 countries. I’ve launched 30 online courses (digital products) and I continue doing so. I’ve taught thousands of people how to start their online teaching businesses. Also, my student base is growing with 500-1500 students per month.

This is the kind of online entrepreneurship, I’m referring to. 

I will help you become an online entrepreneur.

I’ve identified top 6 skills that beginner entrepreneurs should master if they want to become successful.

Here is just a glimpse of what you will learn…
•    Develop a successful business philosophy.
•    Cultivate the exact success habits the most successful people on the planet possess. 
•    Increase your productivity dramatically by using tried and tested principles and techniques.
•    The top 6 marketing mentalities of a master marketer.
•    The most important psychological concept with application in marketing.
•    Copywriting skills that will help you sell more products.
•    How to write attention-grabbing headlines.
•    How to write body copy that persuades and directs to action!
•    The top 27 power words that will pump up your marketing message.
•    The 3 reasons why you need to create a digital information product.
•    And much, much more.

This eBook is for you if:
•    You have very little time and money to invest.
•    If you are not looking for “get rich quick” schemes. 
•    If you want to create a sideline income stream. 
•    If you are ready to learn and develop your skills regardless of your age.
•    If you want to help thousands of people change their life by sharing your own skills and experiences.

If you want to become the online entrepreneur I described earlier, then just click the orange “Buy now with 1-Click” button and get started now!

To your success,
-Vladimir Raykov
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15 September
Vladimir Raykov

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