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Life's been tough lately, especially after breaking up with your girlfriend. Sensing that you're feeling blue, your best friend has invited you clubbing, with an aim of getting you laid. Sound like fun? It could be! The quality of the night depends on the choices you make, but you'll never know the surprises ahead until you pick up this book.

Honestly, this fun book was written by me, for me, but you can read it too. As a child I was captivated by the Choose Your Own Adventure Books. Sadly, I only ever owned one, yet I re-read it a million times. It fascinated me immensely. As a writer, I decided to challenge myself: I wanted to write a story in the same manner the adventure books were written.

Admittedly, this story may not be a full 'adventure', but I think it works. No mountains are climbed, no rivers traversed, and no mountain bikes crashed. Maybe in the next one! Big Night Out plays on the ideal of getting back out into the world after a break-up. A time when one's perception on clubbing and dating may have been changed due to the lack of practice. Isn't that an adventure in itself? I think so.

I'm looking forward to experimenting more with these books. Seeing where the boundaries can take us. If you have any suggestions on story lines, I'd love to hear them.

Lesbian Adventure Series Stories (LASS)

The LASS books are a collection of short stories except you do not read from cover to cover. As in life there are decisions to be made: from basic questions about what underwear to put on: to the bigger questions about whether to seduce the whole soccer team. Written to be fast paced, the stories are designed to take you on an amazing journey using your imagination as the guide, for throughout each story, you are in control. Whether you choose a safe route or whether you are daring, there is guaranteed to be a surprising outcome. These are the sliding doors of life and as with life, anything can happen. Just remember, that if you make an opposite decision, it does not mean you have an opposite outcome.

Whether travelling on a bus, or relaxing on a beach, this series is specifically designed for those who like quick adventurous reads. Based on the decisions made, each story can potentially be brief or multi-layered. Thus, in one book, you have the potential to read it over and over with a guaranteed different outcome every time. Each book holds twenty or more endings and a myriad of ways to reach them. As a special bonus, there is a secret ending in each book for those of you who are the most curious.

 Reading a LASS (Lesbian Adventure Series Stories) Book

Starting on the first page, the idea of the story is set out. At the bottom of each section is an option to choose to continue the story. Each choice refers to a specific chapter number. Skip to that chapter to continue the story. Your story, your choices, your personal journey. Enjoy!

Fiction & Literature
26 August
Dash Starkey

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