Crystals: Crystal Healing For Beginners - Discover The Healing Power Of Crystals and Stones for Health, Wealth, Relaxation, Love and Clear Aura

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Have you ever heard about the healing powers of crystals?  Or, are you already a little bit familiar with the topic of healing crystals but you want to expend your knowledge and learn more about it?  Do you possibly just want to learn new things about a new and unique topic?  Are you looking to educate yourself on this topic in hopes of one day offering healing crystal treatment?  Or, are you experiencing health problems, ailments or frustrations that you'd like to improve through healing stones and the healing stone process?  Are you even looking to expend your personal healing crystal collection and practice?  There is even a possibility that you're looking to know more about this topic but you have certain reservations.  If your answer to any of these questions is "yes" then this is the book for you!  Way to go on a great find!

If you're not familiar or learned on the unique and wide world of healing crystals, then this book is a great educational tool for you!  When stepping into a new topic and all of the information on it, it may seem overwhelming and impossible to gain the knowledge you need.  You may also feel like you’re not sure if this topic and new field is for you.  You may even be worried, that, although you have specific health ailments, healing stones may not even be able to help.  In other words, you may be feeling a bit skeptical.  That's perfectly okay and even normal!  You might feel like you're the only one with these thoughts, however, remember, you're not alone!

This book can not only help to educate you but also help you better understand the field so that you can decide how in depth you want to be in it.  Although your main worry may be that you feel overwhelmed by learning a new topic, not to worry!  This book give straight forward, factual and easy to understand information on the topic of healing crystals.  Even better, although this book is mostly meant to educate you on the topic of healing crystals, it will also offer you opinions and facts on both sides of every issue presented within the book.  Therefore, you can make informed, smart and educated decisions about healing stone and the healing process behind them solely based on what's best for you and your specific situation.  Finally, you will be able to follow along and learn at your own, individual pace!  There is no teacher or video to follow and at any time, you can go back and re-read any information you need to!

This book includes:

- Information on the basics of Crystal Healing

- Information that will help you to decide if taking part in Healing Crystals is for you

- A brief history of Healing Crystals

- Information on how Healing Crystals work

- Information on your Chakras and how Healing Stones impact and benefit them

- Information on different types of Healing Crystal treatment, how they work and how they can benefit you

- Information on different opinions on Healing Crystals and how this impacts your personal decision

- Information on popular Healing Stones that you might recognize and how they can benefit you

- Further Information on a wider range of healing stones and how they can benefit you

Health & Well-Being
31 January
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