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After writing my journey series on Revival, one of my most important insights is that if we obey God, He will bless us!! Often, I have read daily inspirational books that present only God’s blessings, which we all enjoy. But, the Bible is clear that we must first obey in order to receive His Blessings. A book of devotional readings should likely therefore center both on the obedience of the believer and the blessings of God. I have attempted to select readings from the above series that reflect both of these important areas.

In the original Journey series, there were a multitude of references cited in the footnotes and bibliographies of the four books. Since only a portion of ideas are presented in the current book, neither footnotes nor a bibliography seem appropriate. I, however, do want to cite some of the people that contributed to the original texts. These, in no particular order, include: Smith Wigglesworth, Ruth Tucker, Wanda Moore, Diane Epping, J. I. Packer, Bob Gladstone, John, Wesley, Michael L. Brown, Robert Jones, Ray Comfort, David Ravenhill, H. Clay Trumbull, Bob Phillips, Andrew Murray, Richard Crisco, Don Moore, Richard J. Foster, Derek Prince, Randy Shankle, Ralph M. Riggs, David Yonggi Cho, Larry Tomczak, Steve Alt, John Cava, Jeff Thompson, Charles G. Finney, Carl Henry, John Kilpatrick, H. A. Ironside, Ron McKee, Steve Hill, J. Kerby Anderson, Carl Baugh, S. J. Hill, Leonard Ravenhill, Wesley L. Duewel, Jonathan Edwards, Roberts Liardon,Bill Hamon, David Steindl-Rast, Leon Brassfield, T. L. Osborn, Bert Farias, Kenneth E. Hagin, Fuchsia Pickett, Robert Stearns, Thomas C. Oden, Cary Robertson, Timothy Davis, Watchman Nee, A. W. Tozer, Henry T. Blackaby, Lindell Cooley, Dallas Holmes, Bill Ancera, Ruth Ward Heflin, Lila Terhune, Arthur Blessitt, Ruth Paxson, Josh Peters, Lester Sumrall, Gary D. Badcock, Jacob Aranza, Thomas Hale, Melvin L. Hodges, David Shibley, Marjorie A. Collins, Reinhard Bonnke, Steve Bowen, George Alexander, Rodney Howard-Browne, Thomas D. Lea, Tom Hudson, G. B. Caird, L. D. Hurst, Guy P. Duffield, N. M. Van Cleave, Claud V. King, H. Boers, Rudolph Bultmann, J. Jeremias, N. T. Wright, Stanley J. Grenz, and Roger E. Olson.

Religion & Spirituality
June 1
G. Michael Epping

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