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~ ~ ~ Earl Lennox Konig ~ ~ ~
I thought I had it right, and all under control.
My bride is pissed, she’s very hurt.
She refuses to listen to reason.
I made a mistake that I regret.
Now, I fear I’m losing my bride.
My soul is in an uproar.
And my heart aches.
I can’t think straight.
My ex is making threats that I cannot control.
I’m running scared.
I fear for my life and that of my bride.
I don’t know how to make things right.
To top it off the Elites are at war.
Our union is no f*****g joke.
I know what I want; I want my bride.
I’m running out of time.
It's a f*****g nightmare come to life.
~ ~ ~ Lady Alexis Slovak ~ ~ ~

The love of my life has betrayed me.
What hurts the most is that he didn’t stop his booty call when he knew about our betrothal.
I knew that Lennox is no saint, but you would think he would repent.
I never expected this from him, especially since he’s an Earl in our world.
We’re taught from birth to have honor, fidelity, and love above all else.
We don’t take our duty lightly, so what was he thinking?
That bitch wouldn’t let us be.
What should I do?
I need to make him grieve, to feel some pain.
I need to bring him to his knees.
I need to claim what’s mine, and he is my husband.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Experience the world of the ruthless masters, the Elite Supreme Power dictating society and the world.

Taste the excitement and the mysterious allure of falling in love.

Enjoy the opulence, the adventure, the power wars, the suspense, the corruption, the drama, lies, secrets, and the omnipresent danger cloaking their life.

The Elite power is supreme, but love brings them to their knees!

Note ~ Elite Power, Supreme Legacy Series are also standalone stories and no cliffhangers. (Dark Mafia Romance . . . . . . HEA)

November 3
P.T. Macias

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