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Expect True Love Because the Universe, Delivers! is a powerful e-Book consisting of power-packed pages filled with video, images, antidotes, and Master Law of Attraction teachings!

Within these pages, you will see how religion, philosophy, science, astronomy, physics, quantum physics, and the Law of Attraction all intersect and overlap one another. Here is where thought, energy, and matter, merge in the creative process within you; so, begin the journey to understanding love, life, liberty, and how you can have it ALL!

Expect True Love Because the Universe, Delivers! allows you to endeavor to understand that Love works like everything else in the Universe in that it comes when it is called for, asked for, reverenced, anticipated, and expected.

This powerful, interactive E-Book helps you to shift your consciousness away from placing your expectations on other people, especially your mate and/or significant other, and instead, will bring you into an understanding of how the Universal systems of the Law of Attraction, the Law of Love, the Law of Motion, and the Force of Magnetism draws people with like-energies together to manifest your expectation and inner vision.  

Never again will you fear the loss of love; i.e., feeling abandoned, rejected, or being in a non-committed, casual relationship, if what your heart actually desires is oneness, togetherness, commitment, and monogamy within a healthy, happy, sustained relationship. Learn to visualize and align Your Energy!  After reading Expect True Love Because the Universe, Delivers!, Vol. of this E-book series, you, too, will begin to expect unexpected and pleasant surprises to come your way.  

This book will take you from Causation to Manifestation, so GET ready!

15 May
Global Connections Publishing, LLC

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