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Brad Prendergast is into surfing, parties and girls. Work is a necessary evil which he indulges in for short periods to accumulate enough funds to support his leisurely lifestyle. The appearance of a distressed old girlfriend triggers a concerned response. Chloe's new husband, Stefan has mysteriously disappeared while holidaying in Germany.
Brad plays the Good Samaritan and steps up to help. An intricate web of lies and deception greets Brad's attempts to unravel the events leading up to Stefan's disappearance. It appears nobody is telling the truth, all knowledge of Stefan's immediate past appears to have been erased.
Brad has had previous contact with Jefferson Sainsbury, head of CIA operations. Brad's investigations lead him straight back to the CIA, they are obviously implicated. A reluctant Jefferson is forced to recruit Brad to assist in locating Stefan but he is not about to disclose the true nature of the operation.
A top secret mission has gone horribly wrong; Stefan's loss is explained as collateral damage. Brad Prendergast is also highly likely to have his name added to that list. A new Middle East Islamic terrorist group has emerged; they now have possession of the top secret Firestrike.
Angel is the code name of an aggrieved Islamic woman. She has been recruited by the CIA to infiltrate the enemy. Brad's close ties with Angel see him thrust deeper into a cauldron of espionage and danger. Time is running out, an operational Firestrike in the hands of the enemy will have catastrophic consequences for the free world.

Crime & Thrillers
22 August
Ian Welch

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