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Reviewers have written that IMMORTAL is "A gripping supernatural thriller," "fast-paced," "tightly plotted," "epic scale horror," "a joy," "so easy to pick up and so hard to put down!" and have compared this title favorably with titles by Stephen King and Peter Straub A future world parallel to our own is ruled by two souls trapped in one body, a powerful geneticist/demon named Apep. Apep feeds on the life force of those who inhabit this world to keep himself alive. Yet despite his genetic genius and mystical powers, he is dying. To make himself immortal, he embarks on a plan which threatens the existence of our world. Apep's plan involves a series of brutal murders on our world which seem to have been committed by an inhuman beast. In the midst of these murders Jeremy Wheeler, a middle aged Psychologist, finds his early morning walk interrupted by an odd gnome-like man who identifies himself as Conrad LuPone. Conrad tells Jeremy that Jeremy is the link between his world and that of Apep. Conrad insists Jeremy is the single cohesive element who will either enable or prevent Apep's plan from succeeding and determine the ultimate fate of this evil. Skeptical, it takes a series of strange events to convince Jeremy the gnomish man is right. Jeremy prepares for battle and, accompanied by Hank Davison, the local sheriff - who had his own encounter with the extraordinary - steps through a portal to Apep's world. Jeremy meets a variety of interesting characters on his journey, and joins with an Engineer, Lori Hellman, and a boy, Mark Scott, who are also from his world, to assault Apep's palace. "...an intriguing and suspenseful read. In the tradition of Stephen King and Peter Straub, who mix the supernatural and science fiction genres, Immortal tells of a man who takes revenge on a serial killer and, as a result, lets loose an evil that he must then attempt to conquer by traveling through time." Kate Templeton Fox for the OHIOANA QUARTERLY, the journal for the Ohioana Library Association. "A gripping supernatural thriller, IMMORTAL belongs to that class of horror fantasy that is so easy to pick up and so hard to put down!" Midwest Book Review.
"Jeremy's adventures combine the qualities of Outward Bound and Alice in Wonderland, with sufficient death and destruction to satisfy most Stephen King fans."--Craig Wilson Special to the Akron Beacon Journal, Book Talk column. "With fast-paced, compact scenes and dialog that moves the story in at a constant high-speed pace, makes Immortal the kind of book that is difficult to put down. After reading it, the images, and perhaps the nightmares, linger. Davidson has written a tightly plotted horror novel that deserves some attention. I will be looking for more work by this talented writer." -- Phillip Tomasso III for BookBrowser. "Despite Stephen King opening wide the door, few authors have given a good stab at doing epic scale horror. D. E. Davidson picks up the challenge, finding inspiration in King's Dark Tower series, Straub's Shadowland and both authors' The Talisman. The influences are very obvious, but Davidson has crafted an original enough concept for his novel to stand or fall on its own merits. My take is it stands... "Davidson handles his plotting well, serving up surprises that really surprise. His action sequences are exciting and frequent. The real world town of Prattville, Ohio is lovingly rendered and his characters are likable and believably flawed individuals facing extraordinary circumstances. The plot is complex, and so is the structure. Davidson's skill in knowing when to show a glimpse of his cards and when to keep them hidden is remarkable. Both his story and his characters show a great deal of depth and intelligence. Even better, he avoids episodic battles that don't advance his plot, a pandemic problem with epic quest fantasies. Nothing is thrown in for a quick thrill; every sce

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