Lunanity Love Life Cult Love Letter for Luna Book 29

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We are still in 428 for a short introduction. To make it clear that this letter writing is what I do and for good reason. This one is the nuttiest. It is Luna’s fault. She is too cool.

429 Days like this one mean that this letter must be for 18 and over. At least in North America. All the Americas. They are all conservative with words. They shoot you in the face with an automatic gun. But don’t talk about sex in the bum. So. Don’t read this bit if you are prudish. You are welcome to be prudish. If you are, go straight to the novel. Second Genesis. Maybe Aaron.

“No. That has some words in it.”

431 The narrator is still hopelessly distracted by the mad notion of longing for a fairytale love. Luckily it is fiction and when it is finished, the story, the narrator will vanish into the crowd, never to be heard from again. There will be rumors of going up to heaven in a cloud. Or a space ship.

432 Though a little dark, even a bit sinister, there is a good run on poetic rambling verse. Not much story being told but there is some of the rant we can attribute to the Drave King. So that’s cool.

433 we have a little visit in Gadavida. There is a fight being prepared. Zarathustra is also contemplating bringing the basketball team for some fun with the locals. Likely at the university. We see. But not today. For today it is night and your narrator will listen to some music, lament a little and fade into the darkness with the sound of the street and then it will again be the morrow.

434 was a big day. Went to the fairgrounds for a Covid shot and on the way back, stopped for a café visit. And the girl was suddenly there. So beautiful and gentle and she gave me some of her time and communication and I got an invite to go to the island but I didn’t go until again later. But that don’t matter in the story. For it is a fairytale.

435 is random blubbering and not much story. It is warming up for some crazy story telling. I know on account it has been written. The Holy Story. The fairytale to mold the future minds of those who escape the prison of trash media.

“Good luck with that, Little Bunny.”

436. Bla bla bla on this day. And when typing I forget to add the next date. We see how we deal. Later.

So the next day 436. But not to worry. It is just for reference. And that might change when it is made into a Holy Book. With chapters and verse. But not likely. Or we get to naming each entry. That could be much later. An online challenge. We are still in Gadavida and Anna Lucia is no closer to finding a lead on Mark. Maybe a little.

437. Anna Lucia gets a lead on Mark. So she flies to Paris with Esau.

“Does she plan to fuck him.”

Luna. We were taking care to keep the cussing down. And you know she will. Unless you started your letter at book 29. Fucking hell.

438 What are the chances that the Paris police call the hotel room at the same time Esau is ejaculating into Anna Lucia’s mouth. Don’t bother with the math. The blooming universe is full of surprises. Tim had called the police. So no worries.

“And where did the sperm go.”

439 With pages getting filled, your humble narrator has focused a little on the story. We are back in the super computer age. General artificial intelligence. For those in the know, Ali Sam is back. Back is relative to the 400 human cyborgs that have neural laces and live on Eden. And Esau and Anna Lucia leave the Paris Police station.

440 We revert to poetic proclamation of love and lust. A sad crying out to the goddess of death.


I mean resurrection and light and love and sun shining on flowers and bees making honey for Big Bear and we nap now.

441 Some playful abuse of language or let us say the reader’s preconceptions of what is probable. We also have a lead on Mark in Paris. But he has left Paris. He sold 3 stones. Got ripped off. Bleeding cons conning thieves.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
5 December
Steve Howard

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