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You don't need to write off 2020 from your life. Rather I recommend that you must Celebrate 2020 as opening a new door to a new life full of opportunities. Time is to move on from the Pandemic to a new Dawn

A hands on book for self practice for a mental makeover for the uncertain times of tomorrow. After we evolve out of the present Pandemic, life isn't going to be the same. This isn't a normal economic meltdown. This is a humanitarian crises. Lives will change drastically, Life will change permanently. For everybody – workers, peasants, businessmen, entrepreneurs and the homemakers. Not a single life will be spared. Every life has to evolve to survive the new norms of tomorrow. The idea behind the book is that in these stressed out times, its so easy to break down, so easy to get frustrated with our situation in life. The book guides how to make best use of our Locked in or restricted situation and survive happily in whichever condition we find ourselves in our life.

The only way forward to move out of the stress of the Pandemic is to re-stitch life back. The road ahead will be full of potholes over the next 24 months. The purpose is to get mentally prepared for all the difficult days ahead by changing our lives today as we take baby steps to move out of the Pandemic. We need to create a substantial investment in our own growth story to emerge successful. The idea is not to become a star now. The purpose should be to learn new ways of handling life and making a steady progress inspite of the hurdles as we face in our daily lives.

We must feel proud that we are on the threshold of witnessing a civilization change from Modern Age to a real Cyber Age. We must get mentally ready to act in a changed environment. Our Personal lives, our professional lives and our family has to be prepared for 2021. This book is great guide to take those steps to become successful in 2021 and beyond.

This book guides the reader about not only today but also plan for the next 24 months. Get prepared for the rough road ahead and how to become a strong leader and a contributor to society. It is generic enough to fit into anyone's life. It can be interpreted in any positive manner you wish. The purpose being that you need not only survive, but use your superior knowledge to enable and empower the people around you. Help them, show compassion and move out of your comfort zone to contribute to society at large.

Health & Well-Being
29 August
Jolly J Sen

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