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America is no longer the Home of the Brave and Land of the Free. Americans are being stripped of our blood-bought rights and freedoms by greedy and incompetent politicians. Excessive taxes are reducing average citizens to government slaves. Gross mismanagement of our tax dollars and senseless borrowing from other countries are bankrupting America. An effort to redistribute wealth has instead resulted in a distribution of poverty. There are two houses that need attention in America today. One is the White House. The other is Our House, the American home. By correcting the problems that emanate from these houses, we will solve a multitude of problems. This book offers realistic and commonsense solutions for many of the evils that threaten to destroy America. These solutions are presented using humorous stories from the Author’s past and well-researched statistics on education, welfare, and government policy.

“Common sense needs to be renamed uncommon sense because we now live in a country that doesn’t seem to have it anymore. Those who have common sense today almost possess a super power! This book does a great job of revisiting and hopefully teaching a new generation the power of common sense.” —Rick Burgess, cohost of the Rick and Bubba Show

“Ken English has written a treatise on America that everyone who loves this country needs to read. Not only is it a work outlining the underlying problems we must address in our generation but, also, it is a book that offers solutions—solutions that will work! Packed with quotable quips and anecdotal explications, More Common Sense is a must read for every patriot.” —Carl Gallups, author of Magic Man in the Sky

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28 October
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