NLP for Entrepreneurs: Reprogram Your Entrepreneurial Mind for Better Decision Making, Negotiation Skills and Higher Self-Confidence Using these NLP Techniques to 10X Your Business

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Are you looking for ways to make better decisions?Do you want to improve your negotiation skills?Or you just want to discover what NLP can do for you as an Entrepreneur?

Then keep reading…

As an entrepreneur, you have a multi-disciplinary role. You have to make decisions fast. You have to stay productive while keeping an eye on things. You have to communicate on different levels all day, with your team and suppliers. You have to negotiate with clients for better sales deals. You have to keep up the morale of you and your team. It's a lifestyle that can get overwhelming very quickly.

NLP or Neuro-Linguistic Programming can help you as an entrepreneur by simplifying, organizing and streamlining your decision making and activities. This will make your days less hectic and more focused. Then after implementing this, you will be more productive, make more money and have more fun doing it.

Here´s a tiny fraction of what you´ll discover:
The ´3-Second-Mind-Reader' to discover the other person's way of thinking. You can use this to create win-win deals in negotiations and increase your profits (page 106)The No.1 NLP tool to copy other successful entrepreneurs and take advantage of their knowledge (page 23)Discover the ´Fuel-Of-Success´ and 3 ways to create it, so you can pick the easiest one for you (page 28)Find out how to change undesired behavior into desired behavior, without relying on self-discipline. (page 32)Discover the ´Belief Disintegrator Technique´ to destroy limiting beliefs wandering around in your mind (page 87)The Self-Esteem-Enhancer (page 78), the Self-Esteem-Booster (page 81) and the Reframing-Technique (page 84) to get your Self-Esteem to your ideal levels.´The Elon-Musk-Like-Motivation-Installer´, use this to implement internal motivation in your subconscious mind, so your mind will lead you to the desired results on auto-pilot. (page 36)Discover the No.1 Cause of preventing you from reaching your entrepreneurial goals and learn how to reprogram yourself around it (page 49)Use the ´Belief Creator Technique´ to install new positive beliefs about your business and yourself (page 88)The ´Push-Button´ NLP Based technique to regain your focus if you get sidetracked (page 51)How to easily connect with your communication partner, so he or she will feel good. This will help you with a ton of different communication skills and will help you to run your business more smoothly (page 101)3 ´Bad-Memory-Removers´ to deal with negative events from the past so you can keep or get back your entrepreneurial self-confidence (page 62)The ´180-Turn-Around Exercise´ on how to easily turn your bad habits into good ones (page 26)
And much, much more.

Even if you've never had a course in psychology, the step-by-step explanations will guide you through these very powerful and possibly life-changing NLP-Techniques.

Many other books on these subjects tend to be very academic. You have to read through pages and pages to get to the meat and find something practical. ´NLP for Entrepreneurs´ is set up in a way to suit your busy schedule and will get to the point directly in a ´problem-solution style´. You will even learn how to create more time for yourself, your family and your continues self-improvement.

So, if you´re ready to take yourself and your business to the next level by using proven models and techniques, scroll-up and click ´add to cart´.

Business & Personal Finance
15 October
Joel E. Winston

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