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This is a real life story of the success of a Single Father. How he helped his two kids settle down and become winners in life. The author is a single father and a dedicated Home Maker of 2 sons, 11+ & 15+. He learnt the hard way and had to discover almost everything about managing two young kids, battered and broken mentally. The idea behind the book is that all those parents trying to rear kids as single parent need not fear any more.  Most of it has been covered in this book. This book is certainly not a panache for all your troubles, but it will give you a fairly good idea as to how to make decisions quickly. This is more like a resource book explaining the author's take on different situations and how he managed to rear his kids and make them learn the practical way.

These are honest heart to heart stories implemented by him. Some of his thoughts couldn't put it in the right category. Some content has been sourced  from the internet and put in relevant sections of the book. All of them has been acknowledged wherever taken.  All content is original, first hand experienced and implemented and penned by him. The book guides how to make your kids survive happily with single parent and become great citizens. All life skills have been included to provide a survival kit for whichever condition in life a single parent finds themself.

This book is dedicated to all kids of Single parents who are seeking love. Unconditional and unabashed love, without any man made barriers.


This book shares all my personal experiences and what I have heard from other single parents. Life will have many more different experiences to enlighten us. However, this book emphasises the importance of trust, honesty and transparency as the building blocks of life for the kids. So whichever situation we are in our life, if we stick around these basic principles, we would have done a huge justice to our kids.

The book traces the complete life style of a Single Parent. Right from initial days after being legally Single to again looking for another Life Partner and all steps in between. The book handles all sensitive areas of life of bringing up the kids. The book addresses difficult issues of the kids have to answer socially why they live with Single Parent, overcoming the trauma of living away from one parent and helping stabilize their lives. Creating values for kids their lives to teaching them Value Education and everything else in bring up the child in a healthy manner. Teaching kids manners and creating the art of controlling easy and quick gratification,  this book covers most aspects of real life bringing up kids. Once stabilized, the process of kids being brought into the mainstream life with other kids in the neighbourhood  and in school. This will not only include protecting kids from difficult questions but also ensuring a healthy communication between the parent and the kid. Bullies and interfering parents impact negatively on the kids. Protecting them from such family is important.

The best way forward in child upbringing is to keep an honest and transparent lifestyle. That will give the child a lot of confidence in the parent with whom he is living. I will also help him to communicate openly about all the issues that the child is facing and get their answers without feeling shy about it.

Bringing up a child as a Single Parent doesn't mean abstinence from everything else personally for a Single Parent. S/he needs to be just a wee bit careful. The Parent cannot upset the kids life again. At the same time s/he cannot afford to have an unproven relationship to make headway into the life of kids. The book details a soft approach to address this sensitive issue comfortably and successfully.

28 August
Jolly J Sen

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