Table Tennis Triples Table Tennis Triples

Table Tennis Triples

A New Team Sport

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Most existing table tennis teams never play each other as a team. "Triples" for the first time allows three-person teams to play "serious" table tennis. The book explains its rationale, equipment and its manufacture, its rules, and its integration into existing table tennis events. It strives to enhance the already popular image of table tennis by adding a "true team sport" to its repertoire, thereby increasing its player, spectator and media appeal.

Part 1 establishes the theoretical basis of Triples and provides detailed information on the design and manufacture of its hardware. In analysing its geometrical and physical aspects, it shows that playing conditions in Triples are equivalent to or better than in the conventional game - e.g. a greater action space and shot variety. Hence various novel table and net designs are described, including a reversible rectangular-to-round "retrofit" table tennis table system.

Part 2 contains everything one needs to know to play the game, presenting a detailed account of the Triples rules and their reasoning. These include some concepts new to table tennis, such as "Tie Break", "Shoot-Out", and "Draw" game outcomes. Details on scoring, umpiring, match progress displays and possible team strategies are presented, including point-by-point score sheets and team events involving singles, doubles and Triples matches.

Part 3 provides a glimpse into the future. It describes how Triples equipment can be used to create interesting new practice and recreational games, including 4-player "Quadruples", and how electronic sensors and computerised displays will soon lead to the "intelligent table tennis table".

With its 60 figures, 12 tables, 45 references and 3 "new terms" registers the book is lucid and user-friendly. Collectively it invites table tennis players, coaches, organisers and administrators alike to try out the new game - and in this has the support of the International Table Tennis Federation.

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31 October
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