The Art of Gesture Portraits

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International artist Jeffrey R. Watts has been teaching for the past 25 years and currently runs a traditional Atelier that he and his wife operate in Encinitas Ca.  Jeffrey also holds Living Master Status with Art Renewal Center, Master Signature Status with Oil Painters of America, and Signature Status with the California Art Club.  He shows in some of the most prestigious galleries in the U.S. and has been invited to show his work in many of the premiere shows.  Jeff’s passion for teaching has led him to be sought out for such events as Weekend With the Master’s, Scottsdale Artist School workshop program and many others.  He is currently working on a series of iBook’s.  The first is titled “The Art of Gesture Painting” and is a companion to his series of  DVD’s on Gesture painting.  Contained within this iBook are 29 paintings with captions revealing Jeff’s insights into various decisions that he made while executing the pieces.  He also has embedded a 40 minute demonstration of a gesture so you can see first-hand how it looks when executing a gesture.  You will find his straight forward explanations of complex concepts very refreshing.   

"The motivation for writing this eBook comes from a variety of intentions.  I first realized the power of this training method when I started designing a series of gesture classes at my Atelier; Watts Atelier of the Arts.  I realized many students when given more time would simply start rendering or finessing there paintings way to early.  I also found teaching spontaneity, efficiency when mixing colors, and applying paint in a designed yet efficient manner were all lacking.  I set out to design a gesture class for all of the major disciplines we teach, i.e. portrait, still life, figure and landscape.  These classes focused on quick 40-60 minutes paintings.  This encouraged the students to make quick decisions, otherwise nothing got done.  I had been doing these on my own for years but thought they might be too intimidating for the students.  Much to my surprise the students loved these exercises and now these classes are always filled with students looking to push the boundaries of their color, brushmanship and observational intuition.  I hope you enjoy and make sure to stop by our website for further information on everything Watts."

-Jeffrey Watts, 2012

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    5 November
    Watts Atelier of the Arts, LLC

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