White Christian Domination: When Will it End White Christian Domination: When Will it End

White Christian Domination: When Will it End

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The book discusses the illogical and aggressiveness of the three Ibrahimic faiths of Judaism, Christianity and Islam; very important how the white race created the many Christian dogmas. The attack on the Levant by the belligerent white Europeans countrymen known as the Crusaders, based on a lie from their Popes. The rise of the renaissance and the Europeans put the Catholic Church in checkmate then focus on science however, created the new Protestant Churches which became more aggressive then the former. The 15th century and after the Europeans kicked the Muslims out of Spain, the Europeans sail to sub-Sahara Africa, India and Southeast Asia and continue to confront their number one nemesis Sunni Muslims. In the 16th and 17th centuries the white European Christians started wars, slavery, and imperialism and ended with colonization. At the same time the Ottoman Empire is losing battles in Eastern Europe, Russia and against the Shia’s in Persia. In the 20th century the British Empire causes Muslims and Hindus to fight in India, Muslims and Jews to fight in Palestine and Muslims and Christians to fight in Nigeria. The fall of the Ottoman Empire after World War I, the rise of the Saud family and in 1948 the Muslims have an incurable disease in the nucleus of their heartland. In America the white dominating Christian s have taken all of the red-man’s land, the blacks who came from Africa after slavery, Jim Crow, acculturation, assimilation and Christianization they are the most brainwash and conditional people on the face of the earth. Also information and some history about the Aborigines, United Nations, Nature, the 60’s and issues of today.

1 August
Ray House