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Don’t Just Write A Scene ~ Create A Memorable Setting

Make your novel’s scene settings come alive to your readers with mood, senses, atmosphere and vivid descriptions shown through the point of view of your characters. This book will guide you through choosing settings with mood, atmosphere and sensory details that will influence your characters.

In films like Bourne or Bond you see baddies chasing the hero through crowded towns with tight corners and narrow streets or racing across roof tops. In other classic films you may see the most unusual places on earth and wonder how the studios found those places to feature in their films.

Clearly they have endless budgets with numerous bodies to scout for locations. But what if there was a resource where writers could dip in and out to find these special types of locations for setting their scenes? Now there is!

Inside, bestselling author of Pimp My Fiction, Paula Wynne guides you through:

• Creating a novel setting in order to write a vivid scene 
• Finding unique locations for different scenarios in your plot
• Creating vivid setting descriptions
• Weaving them together seamlessly through the character’s actions and reactions
• Develop location elements to write realistic, intriguing descriptions from the character’s POV
• Using sensory details that bring your setting to life
• Layers of details that make a reader feel like they are right there with your character
• And you will get a free download copy of the Settings Checklist!

Filled with ideas for categories such as crowded towns, tight and narrow streets, adventure locations, places up high and down below, mountains and valleys, seascapes, abandoned places, modern techno, scary and spooky, and unusual work places, homes and fight scenes, 101 Writers’ Scene Settings helps you to dive into the researching and planning your settings so you can write a compelling scene and create a vivid setting that readers won’t forget.

It also includes scene setting advice from successful authors: Linda Abbott, Steve Alcorn, James Becker, Glenn Cooper, Mark City, Dean Crawford, Nicole Evelina, Jeff Gerke, CS Lakin, Marti Leimbach, Rayne Hall, Angela Marsons, Allison Maruska, Alex Myers, Jodie Renner, Douglas E. Richards, Joyce Schneider, Kevin Wignall and Vincent Zandri.

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