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I have been asked by several friends if I was afraid to expose a former Chief Circuit Court Judge and his partner as the criminals that they are. And even though I realize that these friends are well meaning, they have no idea what it has been like to have had my life and my daughter’s lives destroyed just so those two Bastards could line their pockets with a rich man’s money. I could have understood a lawsuit being filed against me if they had even a tidbit of information that said I had committed a crime, but there was none. In fact, they had every proof needed to show that I was innocent, and they were well aware of it at that time. But…, if they had any hope of getting to Wesley Attaway’s black gold, then they had to invent a story in order to sue me.
But by the time we got into “their” court, Michael Allen and Russell Watson must have been “sweating bullets”, because without “my” attorney’s blessing, they would have been buried under the mountain of lies and deceptions that they freely told to my jurors. Of course, I was the loser in their Kangaroo Court, and again, when those Bastards, Allen and Watson successfully prevented me from getting an appeal, but none of their efforts could change the fact that I am innocent man. But what they did accomplish with all of their meanness, was to make me determined to find a way in which I could one day expose them for using an emotionally abused young girl, and me, a family man, in order to get to her father’s riches.
Until now, I have had no way to disclose the massive amount of evidence that I possess in order to expose them, or to prove beyond any doubt that this case was filled illegally against me. But that is exactly what they did! And if you have “any” doubt that I am “just trying to get even”, I will put your doubt to rest after you have read the very first chapter in this book, and viewed photographs of supporting documents in my “Treasure Chest”.
In fact, I think anyone who reads this book, will be blown away when it is discovered that the testimonies that will prove my accusations are taken word for word from depositions, letters, court records, and so on.
I realize that I cannot change that long ago verdict, but I can tell my story about how I was set up, by using a huge amount of evidence that is both conclusive and irrefutable. It will show that those two Bastards had presented to my jurors a fantasy case that was based exclusively on lies and deceptions, and it cannot possibly be disputed, since that fantasy came from their own mouths!
In Virginia, there is a provision in the law called Spoliation. It is an attempt to try and prevent those who would be crooked Bastards, whether lawyers or not, from “intentional, reckless, or negligent withholding, hiding, altering, fabricating or destroying of evidence during a legal proceeding.” But unbelievably, it was precisely these listed evils that those crooked Bastards, Michael Allen and Russell Watson employed during my so-called trial.
Because those Bastards had built a case against me based exclusively on lies, they had no choice in the end but to form a conspiracy with my attorney, and they needed to do this for several reasons. One reason was to hide three years of previously subpoenaed medical files from Dr. James Corcoran, the therapists who represented me, and also from my jurors.
And as this book progresses, you will also learn that Michael Allen fed to my jurors many other outright lies, fabrications, and distortions of the truth. And altering depositions that had been previously taken under oath by at least a half-dozen witnesses, was how Michael Allen was able to deceive my jurors. In fact, Michael Allen, with the blessing of “my” attorney, described to my jurors a tale that was so untruthful and so outlandish, that it can only be described as make believe, but it was the only way that each of them could hope to save their own lying and cheating necks. This is not an opinion. It is a well-documented fact!

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Ron Blaha
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