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Were you captivated by "Fifty Shades of Grey"?

Did its hot eroticism and passionate love story make you hungry for the same in your life?

Have you wondered how to capture the romance, the intense intimacy and enduring relationship of the BDSM lifestyle?

The answers to these important questions, answers that can change your life forever and for the better, can be found in " 50 Shades of Better Sex", the hot new guide by the renowned erotic author Melinda Holmes. She shares the secrets of BDSM lifestyle experts who advise everyday people how they can incorporate these exotic-yet-mainstream erotic practices into their love lives and evolve their relationships with love partners.

In a dramatic and sexy format, Melinda reveals to the reader the easy to follow practices that can lead to a better, more enduring love affair with a long term amour. Sexy, fun and unabashedly hot, this steamy guide blows all others off the book racks!

Millions of women long to freshen their relationship, to add a spark of excitement to the ‘same old same old.’ We all feel the need, and Melinda satisfies it for us in this guide for happiness-seekers.

This book will be a lifeline to a long-term, lasting relationship for countless women, a path to a satisfying love life, and help you to develop a bursting-with-happiness partnership with your man (or men!)

Melinda Holmes is the pseudonym of a best selling authoress with numerous awards and popular acclaim for the quality and popularity of her erotic fiction and non-fiction.

In this guide, this bestselling women’s fiction author teaches you to:

Throw out the stale old relationship, and build a spicy new one – with the same man!

Learn what you don’t say but tell your partner anyway – and how to ‘read’ each other’s body

Build yourself and your partner to exquisite pleasure

Take away the senses to excite and complete one another’s enjoyment

Recognize locations and ways to enjoy BDSM outside of the bedroom

Lead your man and yourself to longer and more frequent orgasms

And much, MUCH more – the exciting lessons in the levels and methods of an intimate BDSM partnership for you and your lover are dramatized in excitingly passionate and highly erotic scenarios of a once lonely housewife named Laura.

Join her in this exciting journey!


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