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A short ebook from my relationship series and blog: "Finding Mr Huggie-Wuggie" that is all about building an outstanding foundation for an outstanding marriage. This ebook contains 7 articles:

A Story That Needs to Be Told
Just a couple of days ago I felt the Spirit of God chastising me on this subject in this gentle but firm way, and it truly struck home. One of the consequences of being so busy recently with work is that I have truly been struggling to find time to commune with God. My times of prayer have felt more like I’ve talking at God rather than truly engaging in spiritual intimacy with Him.

A Story That Needs to Be Told – PostScript
I set a precedent for myself of giving an absolute one thousand percent in various relationships. Throughout my writings on my blogs I will often say about different interactions I’ve had with different people, (not only in potentially romantic contexts): “I gave a thousand percent.” I really do mean a thousand percent, and it was in this one incident with this one man that I first set this precedent for myself. Prior to this I had never really given my all to any interaction with anyone.

Passionately in Friendship
Perhaps another lie is this: that between a husband and wife who are passionately in love, all their thoughts towards one another are always romantic, or sexual (As I say, I’ve definitely been filling my head with the wrong books!) But perhaps it is not like that at all! Perhaps it is that most of their thoughts towards one another are actually about friendship, and cooperation, and mutual admiration, and being able to be vulnerable with one another…

Taking Marital Advice from a Single Woman?
People (including me!) tend to talk as if there is something mysterious about marriage that is mystically written in the air: at the end of the day it boils down to people dynamics between two people, also the dynamics of sexual attraction versus ongoing commitment between a man and a woman; also power dynamics between two people, and power dynamics between the genders.

Happy 5th Birthday to Finding Mr Huggie-Wuggie!
So the fifth anniversary of this blog occurred all the way back in March! That’s five years of thinking about marriage, and thinking what I can do beforehand to best maximise my chances of a wonderful marriage.
I would like to thank everyone who has been reading this blog. I find it so therapeutic to sit here and think through these ideas, and I am so excited to think that these ideas could help other people too.

The Primacy of Friendship or Putting Friendship First
I think that this following is an important consideration for anyone hoping for a relationship; that different marriages can focus on different things or can spring out from different things. What is more, different couples can choose what to base their marriages upon! Perhaps it is true to say that everyone makes this choice whether they realise it or not. I’m sure that in many marriages, the two spouses will choose different things to base their marriage on.

Tosin’s List Part 1 – Why the List
I am looking for perfection! Yeah, I said it! OK, well maybe I’m not really! However, there are some people who act like this: whenever I start listing some of the characteristics that I aspire to in my own life, and the ones I want from my husband, they will say “Well we can’t all be perfect!” Honestly, it annoys me so much! I do not think that these characteristics amount to perfection, but rather excellence.

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