A Thru-Hiking Trilogy

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A Three Book Box-set - The first three thru-hiking titles from Keith Foskett - Three epic adventures covering 5840 miles. Over 800 pages of adventure!

Book #1 – The Journey in Between

A man at a crossroads. A thousand-mile hike. A life forever changed.

Keith Foskett was the definition of restless. Drifting aimlessly, he knew a piece was missing from his life. But when a stranger in a Greek bar tells him about a world-famous pilgrim's trail, the chance encounter sets Foskett's life in a new 1,000-mile direction.

On El Camino de Santiago, the hiker copes with extreme temperatures, fake faith healers, and kleptomaniacs. Threatened with arrest for 'not sleeping' and suffering with excruciating blisters, Foskett pushes himself to new limits. Can he find what he's looking for and reach the finish in Santiago de Compostela?

Awash with vivid descriptions and a cast of engaging real-life characters, the author delivers an amusing and enthralling tale of adventure and metamorphosis.

Book # 2 – The Last Englishman

A real-life adventurer. A demanding pan-American trek. Will one Englishman dare to face his fears?

Born wanderer Keith Foskett had thousands of miles of thru-hiking experience when he prepared for his toughest challenge yet: a punishing 2,640-mile hike from Mexico to Canada. In a six-month journey along America's Pacific Crest Trail, he battled the arid expanses of California's deserts, the towering peaks of Oregon's volcanic landscape, and the dense forests of Washington.

Battling phobias of bears, snakes, critters and camping in the woods after dark, can Foskett find new ways to achieve his ultimate goal when the worst winter in years bears down?

This veteran storyteller invites you for a trek across the greatest long-distance hiking trail on Earth. With astute observations, wit, and a delightful cast of characters, you'll discover a compelling narrative that turns the travelogue formula on its head.

The Last Englishman is an extraordinary travel memoir by an experienced long-distance hiker. If you believe there's more to life than work, yearn for new horizons and challenges, and believe in overcoming adversity, then you'll love Keith Foskett's tale of exploration.

Book # 3 – Balancing on Blue

One man's remarkable challenge. 2,200 miles of unforgiving wilderness. Can he escape the mundane to become a thru-hiker?

Keith Foskett's dream of escape started with a single step. Thru-hiking all 2200 miles of the Appalachian Trail, he left ordinary life behind for five months. Enduring an incredible test of physical and psychological strength, Foskett was pushed to his limits…

Accompanied by an array of eclectic characters – including a drug dealer, a world-champion juggler and a sex-starved Minnesotan – he weaves a route through some of America's wildest landscapes and history, and writes with insight, honesty and reflection. Attempting to keep his English wit alive amidst the bumps and bruises, can Foskett survive his journey of self-discovery to emerge victorious?

Foskett's novel-like tale is as entertaining as it is insightful. Venture beyond the journal-style of many outdoor books and join Foskett's adventure of a lifetime.

Balancing on Blue is a superb standalone travel memoir. If you like living outside the box, escaping into the wild, and journeying deep into the unknown, then you'll love Keith Foskett's courageous trek.

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