Abraxas: Beyond Good And Evil Abraxas: Beyond Good And Evil

Abraxas: Beyond Good And Evil

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An extraordinary division exists between Western and Eastern religious thinking. No one in the mainstream media ever draws any attention to it. It's never discussed. Its ramifications are never considered. Why not? Why is this particular debate never allowed to happen? Who is it that benefits from ensuring that ordinary people are never confronted with the astounding differences between Western and Eastern religions? One thing is certain: either everyone in the East is going to hell, or the Western "believers" are the most deluded people in history, utterly and spectacularly wrong to a degree that can only be labelled as a manifestation of collective insanity.

A critical question arises - was Western religious thinking ever compatible with Eastern religion and, if so, what caused the astonishing divergence of later history, and what became of those Western religions that were once in harmony with the East? By "Western" religion we mean Abrahamism - Judaism, Christianity and Islam. "Eastern" refers to Hinduism, Buddhism and Taoism. All other religions are just variations on these themes.

So, what is the critical difference between West and East in terms of religion? And what happened to one of the oldest religions in the world, belonging to the extremely mysterious secret society known as the Illuminati, the first Grand Master of which was the demigod Pythagoras?

What is the truth regarding good and evil? Is the God of Abraham actually the Devil, as the ancient Gnostics maintained? Is this planet of ours hell, ruled over by the Prince of Darkness masquerading as the True God in the greatest deception of all time?

Here is wisdom - the True God is Abraxas, and he is the God of the Intelligent. His is the same message as Nietzsche's: we must learn to live beyond good and evil, and by doing so we will at last fulfill our divine potential.

Do not read this book if you are a blinkered, irrational Abrahamist who prefers faith over knowledge, propaganda over facts. Your beliefs are false in every way. Get over it. And don't read it if you are a conspiracy theorist in search of Illuminati "lizard-people".
This is a book by the Pythagorean Illuminati, the most ancient secret society in the world. The Illuminati's religion is Illumination, a mathematical, scientific and philosophical version of Gnosticism. This is the world's only rational and true religion.

Religión y espiritualidad
27 de octubre
Mike Hockney
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